Hi all,


I want to share with you guys my field report, I’m 6 years into the redpill now, amazed that i still have a lot to learn and graceful for what i have learned thanks to such community. Ever since my last relationship 3 years ago, I went on a sex spree. Eventually i ran into this one girl who caught my attention, I got on her emotional side and eventually we had sex, and she brought up she had a boyfriend, which I shrugged off to. At first i received a lot of shit tests which I always passed so she even stopped doing it, at least for long periods of time.


Before I start getting attacked, supposedly TRP is not a moral ground, and I consider to have dark triad traits so it wasn’t a big deal for me, really didn’t keep me from sleeping at all. I eventually gave into impregnating her on purpose because «it felt right». A mistake I’m not proud of, and I talked her into abortion which did happen.


So keep in mind, this girl was in a dead relationship but was enjoying the beta bucks provisioning, and travelling the world while getting sexed down by me every week. The way women rationalize their sluttyness and openly having sex behind their boyfriends back is usually attributed by one of the following after sex:


– «He just isnt who he used to be»

–  «I don’t enjoy sex with him anymore»

– «We hardly have any sex» (dead bedroom)

–  «Sex feels so forced, I feel bad he tries so hard to get me excited but it just doesn’t work» (duty sex)


The betazation process when fucking and spending time with the same girl, is a real deal even when you are at the top of your game, keep in mind i only saw this girl once a week. Keeping a 3-4 girl rotation the whole time is time draining and takes away from your main purpose as well.  To be quite honest i still caught feelings.


Sleeping with someone’s girlfriend leads to much unnecessary drama, so this will be the last time i go through this with someone, it eventually leads to her breaking up with her beta bucks down the line, asking him for «time to think things» (Aka “ride the penis-carrousel”).  This happened a year after we initially started having sex, and she went clubbing for 2/3 months straight, I didn’t really care because I was still getting sex on the side constantly.


It seems crazy but i tried living the blue pill fantasy using redpill tactic, just for those who are new to this, it’s not possible. At one point, she resented me for not stepping up and asking her to be my girlfriend, so she tried to friendzone me saying she really wanted to give her ex another chance and give their relationship a chance and that meant we couldn’t keep having sex, so i said ok fine but i let her know id ghost her if she even considered trying that with me.


After all, she decides to return to her ex-boyfriend week later, this is where it actually bothered me because i was planning on making a move later down the line. So i worked on myself and distanced for 2 weeks, processing that that we would stay just fuck buddies after all. Eventually i stopped caring, and we just kept having sex and casual dates.


This is where things start getting crazy, her boyfriend catches her messages on the phone with a friend. After a night out with friends, he goes and mate guards her, arriving at the club and sees her kissing one of her female friends just as he arrives, even though he announced he would arrive in 10 minutes, she said «it just happened and meant nothing». The guy goes and checks her phone when she’s asleep and finds conversations talking to her female friends about how good she gets slammed by me etc.


Prior to this, keep in mind this guy had caught conversations of her and me flirting back when we first met, and towards the end of 2020. So i was the main suspect. Ever since, if their relationship was already dead now it’s even worse. Funny how hypergamy works, how knowingly things are going to hell and she still doesn’t want to give up BB, nor me. Or at least that’s what i thought.


I got pissed she considered cutting me off because BB was pissed at those messages, when i didn’t do anything for her to get caught. She asked for 2 weeks and i fucked her friend. Shit move, i know. I felt like shit, it wasn’t worth it, revenge is not worth it. This lead to her cutting me off a month later and checking out, in December. I just agreed to her decision and walked away without looking back.


2 weeks later, she reaches out and wants to meet for coffee and rekindle things. I agree, but then the unexpected happens, I get a message directly from BB asking from «man to man» if i have anything to do with his girl, I kindly reply that I don’t but that she’s a long term friend. Now 2 different things could have happened, I could have turned BB into RP, but that’s not my job and/or responsibility.


Some of you might be angry at this point since this is what actually got most of us into this community anyways. So i denied it, looked the other way, and he didn’t let her leave his apartment for 3 days waiting for me to text her and catching her on the act. Mate guarding to the max, i think at this point its Omega not even beta.


This had been attempted on November so i knew better than to not even text her during this time until she reported back, she did in between that time find a way to text me in the bathroom quickly asking me to reply with something along the lines of not being able to be her friend anymore, but I’m sure BB isn’t that stupid, I still went with it anyways knowing she was driving what was left of her relationship into the ground.


So during that weekend, BB also bought her tickets to go skiing in another state, far away from me. If that isn’t mate guarding I don’t know what is, a day before she left (yesterday) we met up to talk what was going on recently. I made it clear the month of January and December made it clear i was just going to play my role as AF and let BB do his thing from now on, and that wanting a relationship wasn’t my problem and that i would have to even consider it if she were to even bring it up (she’s not gf material so that’s not happening after this awakening).


This whole experience has taught me a lot, right now i have a 2 girl rotation, working on my purpose, just moved to a better apartment, got a new car, and hitting the gym again. I will be fucking her on the side, knowing that the pussy is not worth the risk but to be quite honest I’ve always taken risks my whole life, i wonder what’s in store for the future.


BB will eventually catch her on the move again, and I think that will be the end, but he will return or she will get tired of his smothering and mate guarding and end everything, either way the timer on that is set, even if i were to not form part of that picture.